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What's the use of a web ring?

A web ring brings you up when you're feeling down... Well, not really. A web ring not only gets more people to come to your site, but it links to other people's sites instead of having to type out a whole long links list.

What is this ring for?

This ring was created to help all of the undiscovered cheese pages get noticed. If you have a cheese page then you can join the ring of cheese below. If you know someone who has a cheese page, email them and tell them to join this ring.

Join the Ring of Cheese

There are a few things you have to do to be queued into the ring.

1) You must fill out the form to queue your page into the ring.
Site URL:
Site Title:

2) You must copy the ring fragment in the below textbox and paste it somewhere in your MAIN page.

Just Copy and Paste it

Where it says cheese&id=___ (delete "___" and insert your id number)

3) Send me an e-mail (by clicking on this) that has your page's address in it and I will review it and if it is a true cheese page, add it to the queue.

Current Members can edit their information here:

Site ID:

Ring of Cheese
Join the Ring of Cheese

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